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Take theory tests that prepare you for the test at the Norwegian Road Administration.

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    Take our free tests that have questions similar to those you get in the test with the Norwegian Road Administration.

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    Asked questions have a summary and explanation to help you understand, so you can answer similar questions in the future.

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    Log in to see what you have answered incorrectly, we automatically measure based on the number of correct answers when you are ready for the test and let you know when you are ready!

Free theory course

We have free theory courses for all classes,

car class b , bus, motorbike and more!

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  • Finally a place where you can practice for free

    Love that I can practice for the theory test for free!

    - Siri

  • Passed on the first attempt

    Passed on first attempt with this site

    - Christopher

  • Good app

    I found it easy to use and good explanations

    - Lars