Driving schools

Driving schools in Oslo

Choosing the right driving school can be decisive for your road safety and success at the driving test. There are many traffic schools in Oslo to choose from, and it may be a good idea to do some research before deciding on a school.

List of traffic schools in Oslo:

  • Oslo Traffic School
  • North Traffic School
  • South Traffic School
  • East Traffic School
  • Traffic School West
  • Traffic School Center
  • Greenland Traffic School
  • Traffic school Majorstuen
  • Frogner Traffic School
  • Traffic School Grünerløkka

All traffic schools in Norway must be approved by the Norwegian Road Administration, and it is therefore a good idea to check that the traffic school you choose is approved before you sign up for a course. You can find a list of approved traffic schools on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's website.

Most driving schools offer compulsory training which is required before you can take your driving test. This includes a basic traffic course, first aid course, and practice driving with a teacher. After you have completed the compulsory training, you can take a driving test to obtain a driving licence.

It is important to choose a driving school that offers training in a way that suits you. For example, some schools offer intensive courses over a few days, while other schools offer training over several weeks or months. You may also want to check if the school offers additional training that can help you become a better driver, such as smooth driving courses or safety courses.

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