You take the entrance at a traffic station. You can either authorize the traffic school to book an appointment for driving for you or book the appointment yourself.

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Before you can drive up

You must have completed all mandatory training before you can drive up. It must also be registered in our systems. In addition, must:

  • The police must have approved your vandalism.
  • you have passed the theory test.
  • you must have submitted any health certificate.

You can always check how far you have come in the training, whether we have received your health certificate, and whether your vandal has been approved at Your page .

You drive up to a traffic station. The entrance fee varies depending on the class in which you will take your driving licence.

Driving with automatic transmission

If you drive up with an automatic transmission, you get a driver's license with a code that shows you can only drive with an automatic transmission.

Should you later need to drive cars with a manual transmission, you must take another drive with a manual transmission. You can learn to drive with a manual transmission privately, or take driving lessons.

Driving with manual transmission

If you drive up with a manual transmission, you can drive cars with both transmission systems.

When you drive up

When you show up for the drive-up, you must show valid identification .

You must bring your own vehicle to the test. The car you drive up with must be approved by the Norwegian Road Administration and must be rented from a traffic school.

The test was up to 75 minutes long and is divided into three parts

The test lasts 65–75 minutes, depending on which class you run up in. The run up is divided into three parts.

  • Preparing the vehicle.
  • Security check. Here you get a sample of randomly selected tasks, for example checking the brakes or washer fluid.
  • Driving. The driving is the most extensive part and it takes place according to a route that has been decided in advance. Sensor will let you know along the way where to drive.

You must run and solve the tasks independently, and the test will be assessed as a whole as much as possible. You yourself are the driver, and are responsible for what is done during the test.

After driving

You will find out whether you passed or not as soon as the test is over, and you will receive a written explanation for the result.