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Theory book passenger car - Roads to the driver's license

Theory book passenger car - Roads to the driver's license

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The book contains everything you need in terms of theory to travel safely in traffic.

It is comprehensive and accurate, yet easy to read. In addition to improved use of images, storytelling, quotes and practical examples are actively used to make the book more entertaining and easy to understand. The structure of the book is in accordance with the current curriculum for class B, i.e. it follows the step-by-step training model.

Pedagogically, the book is adapted to the learning levels that follow from the provisions of the traffic education regulations and the curriculum. There is an increasing degree of reflection and assessment at the end of the book, which is clearly shown through the reflection tasks. In this way, this book can be used to a greater extent than previously as a workbook during the training - for both pupils and parents.

Great emphasis has been placed on understanding the driving process and assessment, as well as the importance of quantity training. A conscious point has been made of conveying that driving is not about "arms and legs", and in this context a great deal of emphasis has been placed on conveying the competence of the traffic teachers - a recognition we believe the industry deserves.

In addition to reading theory, you can take our free theory test by visiting and learn everything you need about theory to pass the test.

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