Mapping Norwegians' knowledge and attitudes - Israel and Palestine

We need knowledge and courage to avoid another Holocaust.The investigation starts below, here is some context:

  • Over 1,500 Jews were brutally killed by Hamas terrorists on 7 October and many hostages, including children, were taken.
  • The murders were brutal, and primarily civilians were killed. Hamas's goal was not military bases, but primarily to kill "as many Jews as possible"
  • Hamas is a terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, they have a stated goal, to wipe out Israel, and kill all Jews. They were chosen by the Palestinians , and unfortunately have broad support, also among Muslims and left-wing extremists in the West, including Norway
  • In the West, and especially areas with a large proportion of Muslims, you see extreme hatred of Jews
  • Hamas uses civilians as shields, obviously Hamas alone is to blame for the deaths of civilians if they fire rockets at Israel where civilians live
  • The media lie and slander Israel's self-defense and pass on Hamas's propaganda without a critical sense
  • Norwegian politicians have in practice financed the terror of Hamas for several years.
  • 22,000 km^2 for the Jews is not a large land area, but is historically important for the Jews.
  • The Arab countries are the only ones that carry out "ethnic cleansing" - left-wing extremists who claim that the Jews have wronged the Palestinians are dishonest and have a lot to learn.